Skipton Community Sports Hub

COMING SOON ~ a new hub for sports lovers in Skipton!

Welcome to the Skipton Community Sports Hub, your new destination for sports and social events in Skipton and the surrounding areas! We are excited to announce the construction of our brand new facility, which will be home to Skipton Juniors FC and Skipton Cricket Club, as well as serving the wider community. A warm and friendly welcome is guaranteed!

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About Us

Skipton Community Sports Hub is due to be completed in the spring of 2024 and will be a fully accessible venue to benefit the community of the Skipton and Craven area. The Hub will also be the Clubhouse for both Skipton Cricket Club and Skipton Juniors FC, who support the activities of around 600 children and young people. That’s even before we support local adults with other sports! We are looking forward to growing our user numbers in 2024.

History and Aims

Skipton Community Sports Hub was created in May 2022 and our objectives are:

‘The advancement of amateur sports to support the provision of community sport in the Craven area and uphold the principles of inclusion. Through the participation of sport across all demographics including minority and disadvantaged groups, we are supporting the benefits of being active which promotes healthy living in the community’.

Six Trustees govern the charity:

Chair – Malcolm Birks

Treasurer - Damian Smith

Secretary – Catherine Davison

Trustee – Ian Longden

Trustee – Patrick Eastham

Trustee – Ji Mukherjee

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